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How Your Credit Union Can Win Gen Z and Millennials
Gen Z and millennials are unique members. They prize digital experience and an organization’s values higher than other generations.
Burdened by student debt and inflation, these young adults are using credit cards as a tool in their efforts to combat challenges such as housing costs, day-to-day expenses, and impacts of the pandemic.

  • In the second quarter of 2022, credit card balances for younger people increased by 30%.
  • More than 40% of Gen Z and millennials plan to apply for new credit or refinance existing credit within the next year.
  • 42% of millennials would move their accounts to a different financial institution that is more engaged with charitable giving.

Despite the prevailing financial uncertainty – or perhaps because of it – credit unions have an enormous opportunity to attract and secure younger adult members with credit cards to match their lifestyle and meet their financial goals.
How Your Credit Union Can Win Gen Z and Millennials

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